The house needed a substantial amount of work.  Inside, there was water damage and mold, asbestos wrapped HVAC pipes, warped floors, broken windows, exposed electrical, and funky plumbing.  On the exterior, the charming {overgrown} ivy had completely rotted a large portion of the patio ceiling, soffit, and fascia.  Asphalt shingles were used as siding for the gables, which, on the west side of the house were completely sun damaged and peeling.  I also wasn't exactly sure about the red shutters.  They seemed too big for the gable and a little...creepy.


Because the house was built in 1927, I wanted what ever work I did on the house to reflect the period in which the house was originally built.  I decided to used a scalloped shaker on the front gable of the house and replace the red shutters with an original door that was cut down to size.  I replaced all of the soffit and facia, poured new front steps that were deeper, and replaced all of the existing doors and windows.  There are so many options available that have the same look and feel as the original features, but offer better technology by way of energy saving and long-term maintenance.  

I probably tried 25+ different paint colors for the gables and trim.  It was so hard to decide, but eventually I settled on Benjamin Moore Iron Mountain for the trim and Benjamin Moore Amherst Gray for the gables and front door.  Windows and doors are Pella Architect Series in Iron Ore. What do you think of the after? 

Photo Cred:  Lucy Call

Photo Cred: Lucy Call