As I mentioned before, my house was originally built in 1927 and the way we use space has changed over the past 88 years.  When I started thinking about how I wanted to use the space, I knew there were a couple of things I wanted to change.  To give you a better idea, here is the original floor plan:

There were a lot of things I loved about the existing floor plan:

  • Five doors along the front side of the house that opened up to a big patio
  • Ample windows an naturual light
  • Large living room and fireplace

I had a couple things in mind that I wanted to change:

  • I wanted to open up the kitchen as it was closed off from the rest of the house and on the small side
  • I also wanted to add a half-bath for guests as I'm a bit of a germaphobe
  • There were two doors going in to the biggest bedroom
  • The second bedroom didn't have a closet
  • There was a large brick chimney chase running through the whole house and right through the existing closet, eating up prime real estate!
  • There wasn't any storage space (granted it was a small house, but there was nada, zip, zilch)